NEXT STEP VETERAN PVT LTD is the leading Real Estate Consultant in Gurgaon. We are client-driven, with sharp focus on providing long-term value addition to our clients while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, ethics and professionalism. Tapping into our competencies and years of experience in the business of property consultancy in Indian Real Estate industry, we provide end-to-end residential, commercial and retail real estate services to our clients.

NEXT STEP VETERAN, as the name denotes, guides the clients’ right from the first step of property choice to the choice of the banker, enabling transparent deals for growth and wealth enhancement of the investor. We are a fast-growing consultancy in real estate representing top builders in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Our industry-wide knowledge and professionalism is characterized by quality and effectiveness that is delivered with enthusiasm and determination.

Mr. Amit Gupta, the Founder and Managing Director of NEXT STEP VETERAN, is an entrepreneur with over a decade of comprehensive & rich experience in real estate and capital market. Leading a strong and highly skilled team of professionals, he envisions optimizing the real estate potential in Gurgaon for both the investors and the customers.


NEXT STEP VETERAN assists first-time buyers with relevant data about properties suited to their requirements, interpretation of documents, purchase process, and financial particulars for the mto make wise decisions about their investment. For out-of-area buyers (living in other city than Gurugram), our skilled representatives ensure that they buy something that is free from hidden future problems pertaining to the built-environment.Our expertise and local market knowledge is highly appreciated by the investor buyers, who often approach us to help them locate good investment deals and negotiations.

Our Company is a notable exception among many real estate consultancies in Gurugram. There is a freshness that comes from our core business values – Integrity, Customer-centricity, and Transparency. NEXT STEP VETERAN PVT LTD is a professionally managed venture, run by people who care and are dedicated to helping homeowners, businesses and investors begin or improve their investing journey in residential and commercial properties.

Real estate transactions are often the most important and largest purchases of a consumer’s lifetime. NEXT STEP VETERAN plays a pivotal role in ensuring that home buyers and investor buyers have the ability to access a variety of real estate projects from different builders at a competitive price. Our assistance in providing the sales comparisons in a targeted area allows them to have a fair idea of the potential value of an investment property.

All our Consultants are focused on providing seamless customer experience. Empowering our field team with data gathered from thorough local market research and competitive analysis, ensures that the real estate offering given to our end-users brings around high returns and a hassle-free buying experience.We encourage our clients to openly express their doubt, uncertainty, or even an objection for effective resolution of the underlying issues in the decision-making.